Combat Battle Experience 

Battle your friends armed with a realistic imitation firearm.


Using your M4 assault rifle you will wage war on your oppenants. Escort the VIP to the safe house, defuse the bomb and annihilate the enemy. The missions you play will be longer and more in depth than any paintball game, flexible game modes allow for either team to take the upper hand and change the overall objective. 


The weapons you will use are all one to one replicas of the real thing. The missions you will complete are up to 45 minutes in length and span across a massive 10 acre arena. 


The face protection masks use a metal metal mesh rather than the polymer in paintball masks - the result is it is impossible to fog up. 


The range of the assault rifles is double that of a paintball gun and the snipers range is triple the range of a paintball gun. 


Check out the photo gallery for more images. 


Sessions cost £25 per person


This Includes:


- M4 Assault rifle

- Dedicated sniper for each squad 

- Light machine gun for successful missions

- 500 rounds of ammunition 

- Metal Mesh Facemask 

- Full body suit

- 3 hour marshal led battle experience

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Battle Tanks

Command your very own paintball battle tank here at Top Tanks Paintball. 

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